Several Points for Attention in Transportation of Liquefied Gas CylindersShare

LPG cylinder is a movable pressure vessel with different pressure, volume, structure and material for storing and transporting gas, liquefied gas and dissolved gas. So we should pay attention to the following points when transporting cylinders:
1. Transportation tools must be safe and reliable.
2. Wear good caps, shock rings, light loading and unloading for cylinders. Throwing, sliding, rolling and touching are strictly prohibited.
3. When hoisting, it is strictly forbidden to use electromagnetic crane and metal chain rope.
4. Contacts of gases in cylinders can cause combustion and poisonous gases, which can not be transported with carriages, flammable, corrosive or chemically reacted with gases in cylinders, and can not be transported with cylinders.
5. When transporting by vehicle, the cylinder should be fixed properly. When standing, the height of the carriage should be more than two-thirds of the height of the bottle. When lying down, the valve end of the bottle should be in another direction.
6. If transportation is in summer, there should be sunshade facilities to avoid exposure to sunlight. In areas with large traffic flow in cities, daytime transportation should be avoided.
The filling and use of liquefied gas cylinders are quite common in chemical industry and hospitals. There are very strict rules for its use and management, which need to be observed by operators. Whether it is the safety inspection before use or the requirements of the environment when using, it must meet the conditions before it can be used. Many gases need to be loaded, transported or used in specific occasions, so we should operate correctly. Whether opening or closing the valve, special tools should be used to avoid damage to the valve parts.


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